Open Dutch 2023 – The Photos!

What a weekend! We are all dead tired, but it was worth all the effort. It was great to see each and every one of you, and it was fantastic to see so many high-level matches. Friday afternoon the organization started with building out the tournament area and we finished around 23:00. Saturday morning around 06:30 the first people were already at the sports hall, and soon after the weigh-in started. The last match finished around 19:00, after which a large crew of volunteers immediately started tearing down the tournament setup so that the sports hall was available for use again on Sunday morning. We finished the evening around 22:00 with some well-deserved cold beers!

Many of you have probably seen various photographers walking around, and several of these photographers publicly shared the pictures and links with us, see if you can find yourself, share the photo(s), and make sure to either tag the Open Dutch, or add the OpenDutch2023 hashtag!

Important information for Coaches and Competitors!

Last year we decided to start with a new approach for escorting competitors to the competition area. In previous years we noticed that many people gathered around the squares, sometimes leading to confusing situations. This year we will take the same approach as last year. First of all, you are only allowed in the competition area if you are actively competing or actively coaching. If you are not competing or are not actively coaching, please stay behind the fences. This is to ensure the competitors have the space they need to compete at their fullest potential. Secondly, our announcers will call out every group which needs to get ready to compete. They will provide you the details of the holding area, but the concept is simple: Area A, B or C. From this holding area you will be escorted to the square you will be competing at.

Besides our announcers calling out where you need to be, we will also have a giant screen that shows the holding area and the current group that needs to gather in that area. Please make sure to go to the holding area as soon as you hear/see your group is called out. We will have a full day of competition, and we would prefer to avoid any delays. On the map below you can see where the holding area is, and it also shows where the weigh-in is on Saturday (A) and Friday (B). Please make sure to go to the weigh-in area, even if you don’t need to be weigh-in as we will need to confirm your attendance! For those who want to print a map, you can download a PDF here.


Do we get a t-shirt again when winning? No, we have something different for you…

Every year we have a special price for the winners in each category of the Open Dutch. Last couple of years we had t-shirts with a special design. This year we decided to do something different. We have worked with our sponsor TopTen to design custom open hand gloves. Every 1st place winner in each category will receive a pair. Not limited to just sparring, but also for patterns and power-break! How about that!?


Counting down: 6 days to Open Dutch!

Only 6 days to go until the tournament starts. With close to 600 contestants, and well over 200 black belts, from 13 different countries it is needless to say that we are very excited. We hope everyone uses these last couple of days to dot the I’s during practice and get some well deserved rest to be on top of your game the upcoming weekend. I know we are ready, and can’t wait to get started. See you next Sunday!


Be prepared, registration info coming soon for the Open Dutch!

We are about to leave to Scotland for the European Championships, but of course at the same time we are in in full preparations for the Open Dutch. The tournament will be held on Sunday the 24th of January 2016, and will take place in the same location as last year: Sporthal Naestenbest in Best. All tournament information will be ready in a few weeks, including how to register. We will publish all the info on this website in a few weeks. Hope to see you again in the Netherlands on the 24th of January, be prepared to test yourself with the best!