Thanking Fin Heesom and Will Taylor for a great New Champions Seminar!

Last weekend we organized a seminar in Helmond which was all about sparring techniques. The seminar was hosted by Fin Heesom and Will Taylor from Team Elite Kickboxing. Judging by the responses during, and after, the day, we feel it is fair to say that it was a huge success. New techniques and ideas were shared by Fin and Will, and of course they were practiced by all the participants over the course of the day. The morning was reserved for the juniors, and late morning/afternoon it was the senior’s turn.

Of course we had two photographers walking around for most of the day, and they have shared their pictures with us, you can find them via the links below, and we will share them on Instagram in the upcoming weeks. We would like to thank Duncan Epping and Harry van den Hurk for spending the day with us and shooting so many pictures. Once again we would like to thank Fin and Will for taking the time to fly out and host this seminar, we truly appreciate it.

Announcing our very first Open Dutch Championships Events seminar with Fin Heesom and Will Taylor!

We have something very exciting to announce, we have just finalized the date for the first of a series of seminars that we will be organizing in Helmond, The Netherlands. Our very first seminar is on the 23rd of September 2023 and will be hosted by Fin Heesom and Will Taylor of Team Elite Kickboxing and our own GM Willy van de Mortel! We invited these two young new champions because we believe in the work they are doing and their training methods. New young people with new ideas, and a new fighting style. They compete in WAKO kickboxing light-contact, which is very similar to our ITF fighting style. They have gotten great results in their fights with our top ITF fighters, which means it works! This seminar will be open for all, all you need is kickboxing clothing or a Taekwon-do dobok, and a full set of sparring equipment.

Find out more on our dedicated seminars section on this website, it includes the time schedule, pricing, and much more. Read the invite, and sign up now! We hope to see many of you on the 23rd of September for our first event!

Open Dutch 2024, the preparations have started again!

We barely recovered fully from the Open Dutch 2023, and the preparations for 2024 have already begun. The event is scheduled for Saturday the 27th of January 2024, and the venue is the same! Make sure to mark your calendar for that date, and we hope to welcome each of you back at the event again. When we have more news we will share it with you, and of course, we will also provide an update when we have the official invite with all the details about the competition.

Open Dutch 2023 – The Photos!

What a weekend! We are all dead tired, but it was worth all the effort. It was great to see each and every one of you, and it was fantastic to see so many high-level matches. Friday afternoon the organization started with building out the tournament area and we finished around 23:00. Saturday morning around 06:30 the first people were already at the sports hall, and soon after the weigh-in started. The last match finished around 19:00, after which a large crew of volunteers immediately started tearing down the tournament setup so that the sports hall was available for use again on Sunday morning. We finished the evening around 22:00 with some well-deserved cold beers!

Many of you have probably seen various photographers walking around, and several of these photographers publicly shared the pictures and links with us, see if you can find yourself, share the photo(s), and make sure to either tag the Open Dutch, or add the OpenDutch2023 hashtag!

Rectification: Weigh-in on Friday starts at 17:30

We are a few days out from the tournament, and we hope everyone is as ready as we are! We want to remind everyone that you will need to bring a signed copy of the DECLARATION OF CONSENT including concussion form to the tournament. Starting with the Open Dutch 2023, it is now mandatory to fill out this form and bring a printed copy of the form to the verification/weigh-ins! Yes, this applies to everyone who wants to participate, regardless of age. If you are a minor, your parents (or legal guardian) will have to sign the agreement as well.

Secondly, the weigh-in on Friday starts at 17:30, and not at 16:00 as was mentioned in the invite. If you are in Helmond on Friday, please weigh in to avoid long queues on Saturday! On Saturday the weigh-in is between 07:15 and 8:45. The competition will start at 9:15, and considering the number of attendees we will start on time.

Lastly, we want to share that we appreciated the support from everyone around the world. We have been pleasantly surprised with the number of registrations. Some facts: 1200 registrations, 641 competitors, 88 teams, coming from 18 different countries. How amazing is that?

We hope everyone is ready to go and well-prepared, we can’t wait to get started and see everyone this weekend in our hometown, Helmond!