Registration opens tomorrow, November 1st!

Registration for the Open Dutch 2020 will open tomorrow, November the 1st. We would like to point out that we are limiting the competition to a maximum of 700 participants, after which registration will be closed. So don’t wait until the very last minute, as you may miss out. Also, registration is only open for A, B and C class for both Sparring and Patterns. In other words, there is no D-class!

As we said in a previous blog, we hope that this makes it clear to everyone that it is extremely important to register early. If you wait until the last day then chances are the competition is full. We have decided to only open up the competition to A, B, and C-class so that it will hopefully offer space for everyone. You may wonder why we made this decision, from the very first edition it was always our goal to have a high-quality taekwon-do tournament in Europe with global top competitors. We feel it is fair to say that we have achieved this goal, but in order to ensure quality, we need to limit quantity. Hence we decided to focus on A, B, and C-class and put a limit in place.

You can find the invite, poster, and link to Sportdata here. We hope to see you at the Open Dutch 2020!

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