Hotel for the Open-Dutch?

Some of the hotels are fully booked right now, and we also received some questions and feedback about the cost of the hotel. We looked at the options offered, and we realize that this may not have been clear to everyone, so we figured we would do a short post highlighting something.

Located in close proximity of Helmond are two great hotels called Best Western Wellness and Hotel Nobis in Asten and Boetiek Hotel Plein Vijf in Deurne. These hotels can be booked at the following price, by simply emailing them ( or and provide them the booking code: dutch open.

  • 1 Night – single  = 69 Euro
  • 1 Night – twin = 75 Euro
  • 1 Night – triple = 99 Euro
  • 1 Night – quatro = 109 Euro
  • 2 Nights – single = 119 Euro (59,50 per night)
  • 2 Nights – twin = 139 Euro (69,50 per night)
  • 2 Nights – triple = 189 Euro (94,50 per night)
  • 2 Nights – quatro = 209 Euro (104,50 per night)

Now, if you occupy the twin room with 2 people the price per person is only 37.50 per night. If you book a triple or quatro and share the room with 3 or 4 people the room price per night drops to 33,- and 27.75 respectively. These are by far the cheapest options available in the area, and we feel it is very reasonably priced for the value they offer. So if you are still looking for a hotel, take a look at Best Western Hotel Nobis or Hotel Plein Vijf!