Train to Helmond

Those preparing their travel to the Open Dutch in Helmond, it is possible to take the train from Eindhoven or from Schiphol to Helmond. The Dutch Railway website is: When you enter the dates and the locations (pick train station “Helmond”) then you can provide a time and it will provide you a time table when you click “plan”. A one-way ticket from Schiphol to Helmond is € 21.10. An example of the fields you need to fill out can be found below.

For those traveling with larger groups, note that there’s also an option to buy a group ticket, this only works with a group of 4 or larger. But does provide a relatively low fair, note that these can’t be used during rush hours. The people in the group all need to travel together at the same time, and the ticket can only be bought online, with 4 people the ticket will cost 7.50 per person. More details can be found here: