Rectification: Weigh-in on Friday starts at 17:30

We are a few days out from the tournament, and we hope everyone is as ready as we are! We want to remind everyone that you will need to bring a signed copy of the DECLARATION OF CONSENT including concussion form to the tournament. Starting with the Open Dutch 2023, it is now mandatory to fill out this form and bring a printed copy of the form to the verification/weigh-ins! Yes, this applies to everyone who wants to participate, regardless of age. If you are a minor, your parents (or legal guardian) will have to sign the agreement as well.

Secondly, the weigh-in on Friday starts at 17:30, and not at 16:00 as was mentioned in the invite. If you are in Helmond on Friday, please weigh in to avoid long queues on Saturday! On Saturday the weigh-in is between 07:15 and 8:45. The competition will start at 9:15, and considering the number of attendees we will start on time.

Lastly, we want to share that we appreciated the support from everyone around the world. We have been pleasantly surprised with the number of registrations. Some facts: 1200 registrations, 641 competitors, 88 teams, coming from 18 different countries. How amazing is that?

We hope everyone is ready to go and well-prepared, we can’t wait to get started and see everyone this weekend in our hometown, Helmond!