New category / class for White / Yellow belts

In 2017 we are bringing back, after many requests, the ability for white and yellow belts to register for the competition. In order to lower the barrier for entering and to ensure every taekwon-doka will have a great experience even if they are new to tournaments we have created two different classes. For those who have not fully read the invite yet, here are the details of those two new classes:

C-class : Green tag – Blue tag (7th – 5th gup, point-stop sparring)
D-class : White belt – Yellow belt (10th – 8th gup, point-stop sparring)

For more details around the patterns and the time of the sparring rounds please have a look at the invitation. We hope to welcome many of you on the 29th of January, and don’t forget that registration opens the 1st of December!