Feedback requested!

We feel it was a great edition of the Open Dutch last weekend. But it is very important to understand what you (competitors, coaches, referees, volunteers, spectators) experienced and where you feel we can improve the tournament! We’ve already received some great feedback and some comments on what we can improve, and hopefully, all of you are willing to share your feedback as well. We have created a simply survey form, you can fill it out anonymously if desired. It should only take 5 minutes!

3 thoughts on “Feedback requested!”

  1. Excellent tournament, but I feel 1.50 minutes for the youth colour belt too short for sparring.
    Any chance to bring it to 2 minutes.
    Otherwise everything perfect and looking to come back next year.
    Thank you guys

  2. Great Tournement with a Great Organisation Team. Thanks and Gratulation to Master Van Der Mortel and his Team.
    Only one. The IT System for scoring was working terrible. More than 30sec to See scoring on Screen is Not accepteble. May next Time will working Vetter.

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