The official invitation for the Open Dutch 2022 is online now!

Many of you have been waiting for the official invitation to the Open Dutch 2022, we just finalized it. You can find the links to the Dutch invite and the English invite below.  Please note that registration will be through the Sportdata system, and it will start on Monday the 1st of November 2021. We will soon share the Sportdata link with you.

One thing we would like to emphasize is that all information in the invite is based on the current COVID-19 protocol and the guidelines provided by the Dutch and local governments. Categories, classes, and/or the total number of competitors may be adjusted closer to the event based on changes of these COVID-19 protocols and guidelines.

2022 Edition:

Looking forward to the the first tournament!

In many countries, there’s still a full lockdown in place, and the same goes for The Netherlands. However, it appears that things are slowly getting better. Who would have thought that the world would come to a stop for a while? We miss everyone, and we are still planning to go ahead with Open Dutch 2022 (January 29th of 2022)! If you are, like us, reminiscing about those days where you could be in a sports venue with 700 of your closest friends, it may be the right time to flick through the Open Dutch 2020 photo album! Feel free to like, tag, and/or share!

Open-Dutch 2022 Teaser!

Today, January 30th, the Open Dutch 2021 would have been held. Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 situation, we have to skip a year. We hope to be able to organize our next edition on January 29th of 2022. As you know “The Open Dutch never sleeps!”, Pieter Dillen has made another nice teaser video. Hopefully, it brings back some great memories. We hope to welcome all of you in good health and shape in January of 2022, stay safe and stay healthy!

Open Dutch 2021 cancelled, new date for 2022!

As most of you probably expected, due to COVID-19 and the health and safety of all competitors, volunteers, and spectators, we have decided to cancel the Open Dutch 2021 and focus on the 2022 edition. The Open Dutch 2022 edition is planned for Saturday the 29th of January 2022. We are informing all parties involved, and hope the cancellation of the 2021 edition does not result in significant inconvenience for any of you. We will start working on the preparation of the 2022 edition soon, and we will keep you updated when and if we have any news. Thanks for your support over the past years, and we hope to welcome you safe and healthy at the Open Dutch 2022!

What is happening with Open Dutch 2021?

Over the past couple of months, many events have been either canceled or postponed. We have received many inquiries about Open Dutch 2021. First and foremost, we hope everyone is healthy and stays healthy. One of our priorities/goals as organizers has always been creating a safe high-level taekwon-do tournament. Right now we are unsure what the world will look like in January of 2021 when it comes to COVID-19. At this stage, it is still too early to make a decision about what we will do with the event. We are in close contact with ITF Nederland and local government (municipality), and we will make an informed decision based on our discussions with both ITF and the city of Helmond.

We hope to provide more details about the Open Dutch 2021 in the near future. Rest assured though, our number one priority is to organize a tournament in which people can participate in a safe and healthy manner. For now, stay safe and we hope to be able to provide more news soon.