Pictures are online!

We have just received the links to various online albums of pictures taken at the Open Dutch 2019. Some really great shots! We would like to thank Jos Klijn, Jurgen Spierings and Duncan Epping for sharing their photos with the world, and the links with us. Enjoy, and make sure to tag yourself in to these pictures and share them with friends and family!

Maxine Pura

The Draws are online!

We know that many of you have been waiting for this, we have just published the draws. They are available on Sportdata, including the estimated time table.

With over 750 competitors, we have a very packed agenda, so we would like to stress that it is really important you listen to the speaker. Each group will be called out and directed to a collection point (A, B or C). When it is time, each group will be escorted to the field where the group will compete. After the finals, the group will be escorted off the field. We would like to urge all competitors to stay outside of the competition area when they are not competing, stay behind the fences for your safety and the safety of the competitors.