Open Dutch 2022 poster!

The preparations for the Open Dutch 2022 are in full swing. Things are heading in the right direction finally! We are positive about it and want to offer athletes, coaches, referees, and spectators something to look forward to in the new year. We are very much looking forward to it ourselves, and we hope to see all of you on January 29th, 2022 in Helmond. Of course, we will closely monitor the developments around COVID-19 and any potential changes in guidelines and policies. We will also soon share the invitation for 2022, which will include a section on the most current guidelines/policies that will apply, and any potential restrictions we will need to adhere to. We do want to refer all competitors, coaches, referees, and spectators coming from abroad to the cancellation process (and potential fees) of the booking agency, hotel, and/or airline. The Open Dutch cannot be held accountable for any costs associated with cancellations.

Now, without further ado… Here’s the Open Dutch 2022 poster!