Hotel recommendations…

Today we were informed that many of our hotel recommendations are very close to being fully booked (or are fully booked). There’s one hotel on our list which still has various rooms available, if you are looking for a hotel we would highly recommend Boetiek Hotel Plein Vijf Deurne.

Boutique hotel Plein Vijf is located in the heart of the city Deurne. It is located about 10km from the tournament venue and the tournament venue can be reached via train even if desired!

The hotel can be booked at the following price:

  • 1 Night – single  = 69 Euro
  • 1 Night – twin = 75 Euro
  • 1 Night – triple = 99 Euro
  • 1 Night – quatro = 109 Euro
  • 2 Nights – single = 119 Euro (59,50 per night)
  • 2 Nights – twin = 139 Euro (69,50 per night)
  • 2 Nights – triple = 189 Euro (94,50 per night)
  • 2 Nights – quatro = 209 Euro (104,50 per night)

Email (please use booking code: dutch open) for reservations or for more info.

The 300!

Traditionally with tournaments people seem to wait until the very last week to register. It seems we have broken with tradition as we are experiencing a very steady pace of registrations this year. Today we reached 300 competitors! Very surprising as the deadline is 1 month out, definitely not something we have seen before. We also like to welcome competitors from Belarus for the very first time to our tournament, great to have you.

We hope all 300 are preparing for glory and will raise the competition to a new level. If you haven’t registered yet, please make sure to do so before the deadline, which is Tuesday 14th of January 2020. If you want a guarantee, register before we get close to the limit of 700 participants.

We hope everyone will enjoy the holiday season, and we are looking forward to seeing all of you in Helmond in 2020!

2019 was a great year!

The year 2019 was a very busy and important year for our ITF competitors, with the World Championships in April and the European Championships in October, which are the two main events here in Europe. The year started in January with the Open Dutch 2019. Competitors used this to test themselves, to see where they stand at the start of the season. Most people know by now that the Open Dutch is a very competitive and strong tournament, and this year’s statistics support that statement!

Many competitors who did well at the Open Dutch, also did well at the World Championships and the European Championships. In total 29 competitors who won a medal at the Open Dutch also won a medal at the World Championships, and 30 competitors also won a medal at the European Championships. Out of which there were 11 World Champions and 13 European Champions! On top of that, there were 7 competitors that won gold at the Open Dutch and also at both the World Championships and the European Championships. These competitors were Vitalii Solovey and Danylo Demchyshyn from Ukraine, Tyra Barada from Slovenia, Nina Meppelder from the Netherlands and from Norway Linn Benjaminsen Lorentsen, Selma Li, and Helene Semb. On behalf of the Open Dutch, congratulations to all champions and we hope to see all of you at the Open Dutch 2020!

Oh, and before I forget… we just reached 275+ registered competitors, which is high almost a month before the deadline (January 14th!). As mentioned before, we have a limit, so if you want to compete, register now!

Over 200 competitors from 15+ countries!

We’ve said that we would keep everyone posted about the registrations. We have now reached 200 competitors from over 15 countries and 32 clubs. We have a limit of 700 competitors, and we expect that the registration will ramp up fast while we get closer to the last day of registration, which is Tuesday 14th of January 2020. If you want a guarantee, register before we get close to the limit!

Over 100 registered from 10+ countries!

We have just passed 100 registered competitors for the Open Dutch 2020. Not only that but we also already have competitors from over 10 different countries registered:

  • Belgium
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • The Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Scotland
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Ukraine
  • United Kingdom

We will keep you updated as the registration count goes up, as we have a limit of 700 competitors in place, and we want to make sure everyone who wants to participate is well informed. However, if you want a guarantee, register before we get close to the limit!