Nice offer for spectators! Breakfast for 10 euro!

We have a great offer for all spectators, from 07:00 AM until 11:00 AM you can enjoy a nice breakfast at the hotel which is directly connected to the sports-hall. Available for only 10 euro! Yes, that includes unlimited coffee etc.

We had some great feedback on the breakfast last year from some of the spectators, so make sure to take advantage of this great offer!

Free parking at the Open Dutch, please read!

If you come by car, please use the Food Tech Brainport parking, this is open for Open Dutch visitors and free of charge. There will be signs guiding you to the location. Please avoid parking on the side of the road next to the venue, as those parking spots are for loading/unloading only and will lead to a parking fine. If you use a GPS, simply enter the following address:

Taftstraat 2, 5705 KE, Helmond

The map below shows where the parking spot is:

Weigh-in / Height check info!

We have had some folks asking already, but we will have the option to weigh-in and/or check your height on Friday afternoon and evening, also there will be an opportunity on Saturday morning first thing. It is very important everyone weighs in on time, and preferably Friday, so we can start as scheduled on Saturday, we have a packed tournament with ~770 participants!

Friday: Weigh-in will start at 15:00 and ends at 22:00
Saturday: Weigh-in will start at 07:15 and ends at 08:45

On Friday we will have a dedicated room for the weigh-in, on Saturday it will be in the hall it self, please note the signage for directions!

Special prize for first place?!

Let me start with wishing everyone a happy new year, and we hope to see all of you at the end of the month in Helmond, we already have many top competitors from various team and countries registered, and it looks like this edition is going to be one of the biggest we had.

Some of you are probably wondering if we have a special prize for first place winners again? At previous editions, we gave away “winner” t-shirts and last year we tried something new with the gloves. We got a lot of great feedback on the gloves and we decided to do it again this year, but of course not without a brand new design! We love the black and gold, we think they look amazing, we hope you also love them and are going to give 110% to win a pair!

Oh, before I forget, Tuesday the 15th of January the online registration system will close, so make sure to start to register all participants before that date, you do not want to do this at the very last minute! Also, note that you can still order the shirt, this is possible until the 12th of January, so just 6 more days! You can also buy the shirt at the event of course, but it will be 20 euro instead of 15 euro in the pre-sale. So order it now, for a 5 euro discount.

Are you wondering what the Open Dutch medal will look like?

As we are getting closer to the event we will slowly start sharing the designs for the various prices. We already shared the design of the cool shirt that can be pre-ordered, note that this (discounted) pre-order will close the 12th of January 2019.

What we would like to share today is the design of the medal, we really like it, and we hope all of you also love it and will give 110% to win one. We have a lot of top competitors from various countries worldwide that have already registered, make sure you also get your registration in as soon as possible.

Before I share the design, we would also like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year! We hope to see you in Helmond at the Open Dutch 2019!