Registration closed, and some stats we want to share!

The registration of the Open-Dutch closed last night, we want to share some amazing stats with you. Although we set a limit of 700 registered competitors, we never imagined we would come close. Nevertheless, we ended up with great results and we feel we have an extremely strong competition once again this year.

  • 695 registered competitors
  • 1296 entries
  • 99 teams/clubs
  • 23 nations
  • 200 coaches
  • 70 referees

We can’t wait for the tournament to start, and we are looking forward to seeing all of you next week! We will have some more details to share in the upcoming week, so make sure to visit our website/facebook page regularly.

Last chance to register, close to the limit!

This is the last day to register for the Open Dutch. Note that we currently are at 666 registered competitors and that the registration will close at 700! If you haven’t registered your competitors just yet, we would urge you to get them in the system asap! Meanwhile, we will go full steam ahead with the preparations to ensure a smooth experience on the 25th. We will share the layout of the venue with you asap so you will know where the weigh inn is etc.

Special prize reveal and we reached 600+ registered!

Over the past couple of years, we have given away these custom Open Dutch gloves for the gold medal winners at the tournament. This year we decided to do something different… We think it looks amazing and we hope you agree. These awesome Open Dutch winner hoodies will be given to everyone who wins first prize.


Oh, before I forget, Tuesday the 14th of January the online registration system will close, so make sure to start to register all participants before that date, you do not want to do this at the very last minute! We have passed the 600 registered, and we expect to get close to our limit of 700 competitors, so register now if you want to compete! Last but not least, we have t-shirts available as well… make sure to pre-order one for a discounted price. More details here.

Buy an Open Dutch 2020 shirt or hoodie!

For those interested, we provide the option to buy an Open Dutch shirt or hoodie at the event. Of course, we also have an option to pre-order a shirt or a hoodie and pick it up at the event. The shirts and hoodies are printed and sold by Print Station and you can pre-order them here, or of course, simply pick one up at the event. Do note the discounted price for pre-orders! Print Station will have a booth in the reception/restaurant area of the venue, you can’t miss them.


Three days ago we reached 400, today we reached 500 registered. As we have been saying from the start, we are limiting the tournament to 700 competitors, if you want to compete, sign up asap as it seems like we may reach our limit.