The draws are online!

This is the moment many of you have been waiting for probably, the draws are available online! The time table (estimation!) can be found here. As you can see we have a very packed agenda once again, so make sure to listen to the announcers and watch the screens! When your group comes up, please go to the appropriate holding area. We also have schedules and draws available for each team, we would expect the coaches to print these and bring them to the tournament. We described the process in this blog post, and included a map! A couple of other things we want to reiterate:

  • Weigh-in / Measuring starts on Friday at 16:00 until 22:00
  • Weigh-in starts on Saturday at 7:15 until 8:45
  • Umpire meeting starts at 8:15 on Saturday
  • Coach meeting starts at 8:45 on Saturday
  • Competition starts at 9:15 on Saturday

The location is “Scheepsboulevard 2, 5705 KZ, Helmond”. We hope to see everyone this Saturday!

Team/Club payment!

We received a few questions around payment for the tournament for a team/club. The total amount that needs to be paid can be found on Sportdata under “Entries”. If you did not register the required number of referees than the total amount that needs to be paid will include the penalty. If you have not paid yet, please do so as soon as possible.

What do the medals look like?!

Every year people ask us what the medals for Gold, Silver, Bronze will look like. We worked closely with 2Create Design2Create Design¬†again on design ideas and concepts and they knocked out something amazing once again. We can’t thank them enough for the awesome designs they manage to produce for us every year for the medals, t-shirts and special prizes. And of course we want to thank Prom’Es for making the design reality. Now, without further ado…

Important information for Coaches and Competitors!

Last year we decided to start with a new approach for escorting competitors to the competition area. In previous years we noticed that many people gathered around the squares, sometimes leading to confusing situations. This year we will take the same approach as last year. First of all, you are only allowed in the competition area if you are actively competing or actively coaching. If you are not competing or are not actively coaching, please stay behind the fences. This is to ensure the competitors have the space they need to compete at their fullest potential. Secondly, our announcers will call out every group which needs to get ready to compete. They will provide you the details of the holding area, but the concept is simple: Area A, B or C. From this holding area you will be escorted to the square you will be competing at.

Besides our announcers calling out where you need to be, we will also have a giant screen that shows the holding area and the current group that needs to gather in that area. Please make sure to go to the holding area as soon as you hear/see your group is called out. We will have a full day of competition, and we would prefer to avoid any delays. On the map below you can see where the holding area is, and it also shows where the weigh-in is on Saturday (A) and Friday (B). Please make sure to go to the weigh-in area, even if you don’t need to be weigh-in as we will need to confirm your attendance! For those who want to print a map, you can download a PDF here.


Registration closed, and some stats we want to share!

The registration of the Open-Dutch closed last night, we want to share some amazing stats with you. Although we set a limit of 700 registered competitors, we never imagined we would come close. Nevertheless, we ended up with great results and we feel we have an extremely strong competition once again this year.

  • 695 registered competitors
  • 1296 entries
  • 99 teams/clubs
  • 23 nations
  • 200 coaches
  • 70 referees

We can’t wait for the tournament to start, and we are looking forward to seeing all of you next week! We will have some more details to share in the upcoming week, so make sure to visit our website/facebook page regularly.